IELTS Coaching

Vglow IELTS academy programme, in Chandigarh is so systematic that it enables all candidates to constantly improve their performance and optimize their scores. IELTS has become a popular acronym among the aspiring populace of our society. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most renowned certified English Language proficiency test, which assesses an individual’s language skills in all four modules: namely, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

The test successfully evaluates five different habits of a candidate, although it has only four modules. The habits assessed are the habit of listening English (especially English broadcast), the habit of reading English (especially skimming through newspapers and magazines), the habit of writing English (especially formal academic English), the habit of speaking English (conversational, descriptive and interactive English) and the habit of thinking in English.

As a result, many candidates who are not from an Englishmedium background of education have cleared IELTS test scoring beyond seven bands in all modules. Some of them have even scored eight bands in some modules, while a few of them have gloriously attained the perfect band score of nine in some of the modules. This is undoubtedly due to the dedication and experience of the faculty and the systematic method of training in place.

Apart from these, Vglow IELTS Coaching Center is an authorized IELTS test registration center of IDP Education, the coowner of IELTS. Vglow works in close association with the guidelines of both IDP and British Council. Therefore, the teaching staffs of Vglow Coaching Center regularly attend the training programmes and workshops for IELTS trainers conducted by them.

Your IELTS Training at Vglow is designed to reflect how you will use English at study, at work, at play, and at all the other areas of your new life abroad.